Discipline, Consequences, & Restitution


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Five Steps To Problem Solving With Your Child


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This is the end of the Parent-Family Coach Training


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Assignment 6


  • Describe a time when you were punished-
    • What was that experience like for you? Your thoughts, feelings? How did this effect you? Did your behavior change? Why?  In what ways?
    • What was your take away from that experience?
    • What consequences or restitution would have been more effective?
  • Share an example of a family stuck in a cycle of misbehavior and punishment.
    • What patterns are evident?
    • What are the effects on the child(ren)? On the parents?
    • Utilizing principles discussed throughout the classes, how would you coach, educate, guide this family for change?
  • Describe a time when you solved your child’s problem. What message did you send your child by doing so?
    • Apply the 5 step problem solving process to this situation. How does this change the outcome?  The messages being sent?



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