Coaching Families With Special Needs

Deborah Beasley Shares An Amazing Story

Welcome from Deborah

Deborah BeasleyWelcome to this inspiring new course in which I provide you with the hands-on strategies to coach parents and families in establishing a connection through relationships that helps a special needs child learn to regulate feelings and behaviors.  

Dr. Goode asked me to share the same knowledge that I now teach to therapists, teachers, parents, and other professionals because I am a mother who made a significant, profound difference. I will give it to you…the mindset, the booklets, the tools, the checklists and even how to work with the agencies supporting the families you coach.


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Dr. Caron Goode
ACPI Founder

Dr. Goode shares: “This course is unlike any other! Deborah proved that one person, one change-agent, makes a profound difference through secure relationship, as she did, in her adopted daughter’s ability to regulate behavior and emotions.

“Deborah said, “no” to institutionalizing her daughter. For the first seven years of her daughter’s life, the thirty-plus professionals who made the home visits to teach her and the family how to manage with this traumatized child eventually had no more answers.

“The eight-week-old baby came to their family and refused to be touched. The baby forced herself in the baby sling to turn away so as not to see Deb’s face. That is how the journey started and it escalated intensely over the years. By the time their daughter was age seven, the specialists suggested she be placed permanently in a residential facility.

“Deb and her husband thought long and hard before they said definitely no. Deb knew she could make a difference, and desperation sent her on a journey of discovering how to relate to this child, connect to her, and assure her. Maybe Deb just wanted to touch her soul and let her know she was loved by many people.” 

“Deborah Beasley’s training on Coaching Special Needs exceeded my expectations. The content of the material, the resources and individual support are invaluable in helping participants coach parents and caregivers who have children with special needs. Deborah’s holistic approach, based on the Open Heart Model, can truly benefit any family. Deborah candidly shares her personal and professional journey and describes the strategies that have helped her own family and others build healthier relationships. With the knowledge obtained in this course, I now have the tools needed to support families in understanding the causes of challenging behaviors and helping them to provide therapeutic environments in the home. When these techniques are implemented, lasting, positive change can occur. I am very grateful for this knowledge.”



Jessica Silverman M.A., CCC-SLP/L

Coach Training for Families with Special Needs

Relationship based intervention is the use of ongoing affective, connected interaction to promote developmental progress, focusing on co-regulation, engagement, and social reciprocity.”

Joshua Feder, M.D.


To help the special needs child connect to and relate with parents or family members in ways that promotes social skills, cognitive development, and flexible adaptation.

Co-Create safe, supportive environments and strong loving connections for parents and behaviorally-challenged children

Learn and practice the Open Heart approach to establishing relationships

Deborah's Approach Worked

Today Deb’s daughter is 15-years-old and is an A-B student and a wonderful artist. She knows her strengths and areas of difficulty, exhibits all the best coping strategies, and thinks she would like to work with animals as a veterinarian.

Deborah Is The Go-To Expert

You will receive the mindset, the tools, the booklets  and learn how to coach other families with special needs children to help their children regulate behavior through relationships.

Your Learning Goals for Coaching Special Needs Families!

Develop new coaching insights into the culture and lifestyle of working with, living with, and raising a child with profound special needs and behavioral difficulties.

Experience the joys, fears, and barriers that special needs families face with their disorganized and dysregulated children.

Coach special needs families and facilitate transformational change through the power of secure relationships.

Understand the heart of the dysregulated child and the root cause of difficult behavior.

Apply the practical coaching solutions to help parents provide healing regulation to themselves and their children.

Leave this training with tested and valuable tools, and user friendly resources that blend seamlessly into your work. Coach clients to explore and discover their potential as the primary healing agents in their family.

The Course Modules

Session 1: Understanding Trauma, Risks and Causes of Behavioral Disorders.

Session 2: Six Guiding Principles of Behavior Regulation through Relationship

Session 3: Trauma Integration and Risks and Causes of Behavioral Disorders, Part 1

Session 4: Touching Pain –Letting Go, Part 2

Session 5: Inside Out and Upside Down – Working with Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Session 6: Coaching Parents and Children with Behavioral Needs

Session 7: Behaviors Speak Louder Than Words Part 1

Session 8: Behaviors Speak Louder Than Words, Part 2

“My enrollment in your class is more of a blessing than I thought. Your class helped me better understand my son’s ADD and you gave me new perspectives on parents struggling with special needs kids.  Your presentation on ADD and ADHD has equally helped my husband. He agreed that he had never heard it explained in this way before. “I never knew what this difficulty was like for our son before this information.”

Suzette Rahn

“Thank you! I’m very thankful and full of gratitude for you and your guidance! I so appreciate you offering this class. This training has expanded my thinking and practice in significant ways!”

Erin Blain

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