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FUN! This Is How We Do It!

As parents practice new skills to calm their internal landscapes as well as the environments of their homes, they must also re-learn how to have fun. A vital part of healing the family is reintroducing fun connective activities, joy and humor, into the schedule. This module provides practical information to help coaches and parents co-create a plan to heal relationships through family fun.

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Your Perception of Negative Situations Make The Difference?

Painful situations are a part of life, but your perception of these situations makes all the difference. If you’re holding onto painful memories and feelings, these are very likely keeping you from leading a happy life. So it’s important to not only be aware of your emotions, but also what you can do to release them.

This book will help teach you how to let go of the past and live the life you deserve with practical suggestions. Since you’re reading this, you’ve already demonstrated the courage to make the transition.

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