5. Coaching Parents of Children with Behavioral Needs

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Week 5 Assignment



Read the eBook: Working With Agencies

  • Review the forms from Your Coaching Reference Forms Packet and other related materials.


Read the eBook: Ethical Practices and Problems

  • Complete the coaching exercise questions at the end of the scenario about Deirdra, The Special Needs Coach, and submit your assignment.

Coaching Exercise (from the story about Deirdra)

  1. Now What?
  2. Finish the scenario.
  • How would you handle yourself in this situation?
  • What steps would you take with the client?
  • How would you answer the neighbors?
  • How would you report this to the case supervisor?
  • How would you report this to Child Services?
  • Would you report it, or would you handle it yourself?
  • What other problems could you foresee as consequences of Deirdre’s interactions with the neighbors?
  • What consequences could you foresee as a result of the situation with the client?
  • Tell how you might handle this difficult situation between parent and neighbors.
  • What ethical actions are correct in this situation?
  • How can you guard against this happening to you?
  • Are you prepared to join one of the Coaching Organizations and obtain the liability insurance necessary to safeguard your coaching business?


Special Bonus Assignment

When you are complete with this lesson, be sure to complete the Bonus Assignment located on the Bonus Page

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