2. Six Guiding Principles

of Behavior Regulation through Relationship

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Week 2 Assignment – Six Guiding Principles for Behavior Regulation

Choose three principles and put them into practice this week with children, parents, or your own children.

Submit three to six paragraphs on

  1. Which principles or practices you used (BOP, Flexible Guidance, Explaning states of arousal and regulation to a parent, managing behavior with affect-regulation and creating safety in the relationship, or other)
  2. How did you introduce the principle or practice to the parent?
  3.  Did you use the questions in the presentation and/or the handouts?
  4. How did the parent respond/how did the child respond?
  5.  Did you leave the parent with an action from the Five Important Things You Do to accomplish to prepare for the next session
  6. What was the outcome of you efforts?  Include any other information you feel important.

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