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Module 3 – Plan Your Coaching Packages

  • This module presents the way to package your services or products together.

This is called a coaching package, which can have several products or coaching services in a bundle with one price. Having coaching packages makes it easier than selling a single session, one Ebook, or even classes and audio files.

Coaching packages could include any of the following: email course, informational document, your favorite quotes, a surprise present, artistic or graphics package, library of resources, check-ins through chats, a book or Ebook, group calls, and more. 

How to provide more value and leverage for your clients through coaching packages is the focus of this module. If you are through finished trading one hour of time for a specific amount of money, then the coaching packages and services

  • Allows your client to work with you over an extended period,
  • Provides more depth work to sustain client change and
  • Creates more of a consultant approach to add to your coaching services.

Determine a Package Price


ACPI suggests you charge by the packages for two reasons. You will have a predictable income and…

Be more confident in your stability. You want to work with clients who are willing to make an investment to improve, grow, and learn. Why? They are serious about their investment. They will show up.  Because so many different factors influence how you package your services, you start by picking a number that helps you reach your financial goals. The good news is, you can change that number when you want to. Coaches or consultants charge for their services along this line of thinking: 


  • By the Session (example-$100/month)
  • By The Month (example-$500/month)
  •  By The Package (example-6-month package for $3,000)


Brainstorm to develop package offerings and then price your packages according to lower, mid-level, and higher offers like the examples shown below.  

Lower Offer

Group Coaching could be your lower-priced option depending on how you organize a group: parents of toddlers, parents of school-aged children, special needs families, parents for discipline, or even a parenting support group. This option could also include a course that clients take with you weekly on a narrow topic of high-interest to them.

Mid-Priced Offer

Personal Coaching is what most clients choose because of the personal attention, encouragement, and time they receive from the coach. Package your services even for the one-to-one client so you use your time wisely.

Higher-Priced Option

Intimate Workshops delivered locally or delivered online are valuable offers to larger groups who pay for the time to be with you. The content offered is particular and in-depth to meet their personal or professional needs.

A  VIP Day Coaching Intensive as your “higher-priced” option. When creating such an opportunity, focus the content on the topic that interests your buyers like defining values, becoming emotionally resilient, learning to communicate clearly, defining boundaries with children, balancing work life versus home life, growing organized. You get the idea.

Don’t focus on just coaching, as the V.I.P. time is for achieving faster results. For this, your buyers will invest their time and money in exchange for the value and results you provide.  Instead, focus on what will enable clients to achieve the desired results.

Resources to Download To Help With Pricing Products

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