“I found the ACPI website on the Internet early one morning, worrying about what I would do to support my family, seeking a job that would let me telecommute. The more I read of your philosophy and training program, I started to dream of having my own business. Although it seemed like an impossible journey, I knew I had to take the first step.”

Luisa G.

Academy for Coaching Parents International

The Short Story

The Academy for Coaching Parents formed in 2004 to educate and train first-class coaches for parents and families. We formed  this e-learning business organization to inspire and influence compassionate, conscious relationships.
We adopted HeartWise® as the term described an integrated view of parenting that was kind and respectful with expectations and boundaries. HeartWise® is the official brand of the Academy for Coaching Parents International, founded by Dr. Caron Goode and Dr. Tom Goode.

Essentials of the ACPI parenting coach training include

  1. The merging of the science of parenting and the science of coaching.
  2. Coaching a parent’s, and thus a child’s core temperament or predisposed interactive styles.
  3. Discerning between what is normal childhood development versus behavioral issues.
  4. Applying the art of responsive connected parenting through communication, expectations, boundaries and structure.
  5. Applying core-coaching skills in an indirect coaching model.
  6. Creating a successful marketing program for a home-based coaching business.
  7. Leveraging the coach as the expert in specialty areas unique to target audience.

ACPI’s Certified Parenting Coaches serve families around the globe and have access to continuing education through ACPI’s online global school.

“Most parents don’t have access to the information a parent coach can provide. Once they do, their whole mindset, thought process and philosophy changes for the better. To be the one that brought someone to such a great awareness truly is the role of a lifetime.”

— Kristy Dixon, ACPI-Certified Coach for Parents, PURE Parenting.com


Sharon Egan

As a Certified Parenting Coach & Facilitator, Sharon collaborates and guides parents, guardians and families, who are struggling with joys and challenges of raising children. She works closely with families to address their concerns & struggles, in order to create a strategic plan to achieve their parenting goals.

Deborah Beasley

Deborah Beasley is an acclaimed author and an ACPI Certified Parent and Family Coach as well as a the founder of the Together-At-Last organization to support foster and adoptive families. Deborah authored, teaches, and mentors persons enrolled in the certification course on Coaching Families With Special Needs.

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